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Première réunion AT CONTAM 2018

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La prochaine réunion de l’AT CONTAM aura lieu le mardi 20 février à 13h à Luminy dans l’amphithéâtre Océanomed. Il débutera par l’exposé de Nuno Ratola (Univ. Porto) qui s’intitule : " From Land to the Sea : Environmental Matrices Unveil Organic Pollutants ". Après les questions nous débuterons la réunion de l’AT en salle Alboran à 14h.

Ordre du jour

- Présentation de la campagne effectuée dans le Golfe de Gabès par Marc Tedetti ;
- Présentation du projet de GDRi SOOT-SEA par Xavier Mari
- Discussion sur la création de sous-groupes de travail autour de projets structurants (MERITE HYPOCAMPE, UECOCOT, CARMED, SOOT-SEA…) ;
- Agenda de l’AT pour 2018.

Abstract talk Nuno Ratola
Our environment has been a rather silent witness to the pros and cons of progress, but nevertheless is a reliable keeper of relevant information on its effects. In fact, numerous environmental matrices are currently use to assess levels of legacy and emerging contaminants, with the help of more or less complicated analytical protocols. This talk will browse through a number of studies where the levels and trends of semi-volatile organic pollutants (SVOCs) are inferred from environmental matrices. Starting in land with the use of vegetation or soil, and passing through the atmosphere, we will end up in the sea, particularly in Project ECOMARE, the joint effort of MIO and LEPABE that brought me to your presence.

About Nuno :
Nuno Ratola got a degree in Chemical Engineering and PhD in Chemical and Biological Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (Portugal), where he is currently a Research Fellow at LEPABE. His main research topics include the environmental presence and behaviour of legacy and emerging organic contaminants ; advanced analytical techniques of extraction and quantification ; field sampling and exposure assessment relevant compounds and climate change scenarios.