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One of the goals of the oceanographic field experiment Latex10, conducted during September 2010 in the Gulf of Lion (NW Mediterranean), was to mark a mesoscale feature by releasing a passive tracer (SF6) together with an array of Lagrangian buoys. In order to release the tracer in an initial patch as homogeneous as possible, and to study its mixing and dispersion minimizing the contribution due to the advection, it was necessary to adjust continuously the vessel route to keep the observations in a Lagrangian reference frame moving with the studied dynamical structure. To accomplish this task, we developed a “Lagrangian navigation” software. The software is equipped with a series of graphical and user-friendly accessories.

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Vessel track during SF6 release (LATEX10 cruise) in geographical coordinates.

Expected (red) and obtained (blue) vessel track in the buoy lagrangian reference frame.

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